History of Department

Ukrainan programming theory (TA) has started to develop in 1957 with the founding of the USSR Academy of Sciences Computing Center, which was reorganized later in the Institute of Cybernetics. The main subject of research TA - is the programming language, their tools and environment system interface for software development. The basis of the mathematical apparatus - computer algebra and logic, theory of automata and formal languages, algebraic-grammatical apparatus specification of classes of algorithms and programs, formal models of knowledge representation. Based on the mathematical tools developed models and methods of knowledge representation and design tool compilers, interpreters, of a system-wide use, data and knowledge bases, expert systems, decision support systems and professional systems for different domains (applications). TA holds significant development associated with the work of Corr. NAS EL Yushchenko, has created the Institute of Cybernetics of their academic school TAs.