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The methodological aspects of the archival electronic documents long-term preservation Стаття

Considered in the article are the main problems of the archival electronic documents long-term preservation. Analyzed here are the defects of the existing legal framework regulating the electronic document exchange in Ukraine and the procedure is proposed for its specific modifications providing the complete electronic documents lifecycle. The necessity is motivated of the involvement of the archival electronic documents conformity assessment procedures to the harmonized international standards. The proposed test bench architecture for the archival electronic documents validation, the adopting of the archival electronic documents file format and the changes to the State Committee of Archives of Ukraine legal framework would become the necessary and sufficient conditions for creating interoperable authorized archival electronic documents management system ensuring their long-term preservation.

Testbed for interoperability of digital signatures Стаття

The paper identified key building blocks of tests of CA Trustworthy system for construction testbed of interoperable NSES(National system for electronic signature). Verification block of compliance DSTU ETSI TS 101 862 demonstrated the basic principles of the test stand and its software implementation.

The role of signatures suites for qualified public key infrastructure Стаття

Article shows possible solutions of existing problems of interoperability based on signature suite GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 implementation, provide suggestions on profiling of GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 paramenters, as well as to integrate it into modern operation systems.

Crosscertification of Ukraine Стаття

Article deals withexisting ways of crosscertification of Ukrainewith the European Union, their technological and organizational requirements are analysed. Measures for achievement of internal interoperability in Ukraine for automatic possibility of crosscertificationwith the European Unionare offered.

Problems of interopability of National system of electronic signatures Стаття

Reasons of absence of inerrability National system of electronic signatures are analyzed basing on system analysis. An attempt is made to reason a minimax (minimal outlays, maximum results) way of solving problems of inerrability in ES infrastructure as in Ukraine so with foreign states.