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The concept of electronic document within the Ukrainian legal framework. Стаття

Considered in the article are the main problems of the electronic office management implementationas basis of eGoverment. Analyzed are the drawbacks of the legal framework regulating the electronic office management in Ukraine and the procedure is proposed for its specific modifications providing the complete electronic documents lifecycle. Motivated is the necessity of the self-contained electronic documents and the main requirements are specified to the electronic documents and their internal structure.

The national system of electronic signatures as an open system Стаття

Article deals with methods and describes the tools to achieve interoperability of a national system of electronic signatures as an open system for e-business transactions. Discussed the principles of the standard model of qualified public key infrastructure as implementation of the business model of electronic signatures in accordance with Directive 1999/93/EC and the Law of Ukraine "On electronic digital signature". Specified profile package signatures GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 to improve cryptomodule interoperability. Describes the testbed as a set of programs for verification and testing of components NSoES the formal procedures for the accreditation of CAs.

Applicability of qualified public key infrastructure in Ukraine Стаття

The paper-founded approach to the construction of the National System of digital signatures based on the EU regulatory framework. Describes the business algorithms using digital signature as "anchor" of trust. Analyzed the degree of integration of digital signature based on the regulatory framework of the EU, modern office suites, as basic tools of e-business services.

National localization of electronic signatures in modern office suites Стаття

An article describes a typical process of signing on the basis of the requirements of the standard model of qualified public key infrastructure. Article deals with comparison of technological capabilities of MS Office 2010 and model of the signature process. Specific recommendations on the national Ukrainian localization of MS Office 2010 are given in article.

Signature suites for interoperability of National system of electronic digital signature Стаття

In article possibilities of backward compatibility of currentsignature algorithm and hash functionsin modified interoperable, with possibility of crosscertification National system of electronic digital signatures of Ukraine are analyzed. Also conformity listed in DSTU ETSI TS 102 176-1standards with harmonized DSTU is resulted.

Signing policy description languag . Scheme and the facilities Стаття

The aim and functional filling of a signature policy is described. The OWL-scheme of its representationis presented and use of a signature policy on an example of the state tender purchases is shown.

Testbed for interoperability of digital signatures Стаття

The paper identified key building blocks of tests of CA Trustworthy system for construction testbed of interoperable NSES(National system for electronic signature). Verification block of compliance DSTU ETSI TS 101 862 demonstrated the basic principles of the test stand and its software implementation.

The role of signatures suites for qualified public key infrastructure Стаття

Article shows possible solutions of existing problems of interoperability based on signature suite GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 implementation, provide suggestions on profiling of GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 paramenters, as well as to integrate it into modern operation systems.

Crosscertification of Ukraine Стаття

Article deals withexisting ways of crosscertification of Ukrainewith the European Union, their technological and organizational requirements are analysed. Measures for achievement of internal interoperability in Ukraine for automatic possibility of crosscertificationwith the European Unionare offered.

Tools and methods for interoperability of national systems of digital signatures Автореферат


Melashchenko Andrii. Tools and methods for interoperability of national systems of digital signatures. - Manuscript

Thesis for Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics by specialty 01.05.03 - Mathematical and software of computers and systems. - VM Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 2010.

Identified the main problems of interoperability of NSES through a comparison of it with a reference QPKI model. Proposed standard representation of the signing policy as a basic component of the business model of QPKI according to Directive 1999/93/EC. Proposed security profiles of signature suite GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 for interoperability of its implementation in cryptomodules. Implemented security profile for signature suite GOST 34.311 + DSTU 4145 as a crytomodule «UPGCryptoProviderBasic» which was implemented according to the Microsoft CryptoAPI specifications. Was proposed formal procedure of accreditation of CA, based on national standards of Ukraine, harmonized with the European. Developed and implemented the specification testbed for assessing the interoperability of implementations of the standard model QPKI on the basis of a formal accreditation procedure CA. Was proposed directions of development of public key infrastructure, based on the analysis of the homomorphic transform notation in the ASN.1-XSD-schema XML-document.