Title Тип Анотація
Using ETL, and OLAP technologies in the analysis of financial institutions Стаття

In the report questions of use of decisions BI in the financial organisations of Ukraine are considered. Practical recommendations about construction OLAP of decisions and their application for forecasting of accounting balanceare resulted.

Invariant method for forecasting Стаття

Possibility construction of forecasts at microlevelis considered, usingmacrolevel data. Necessary and sufficient conditions of construction of the forecast are considered.Method work was shown on data of large Ukrainian bank.

Automatic generation of numerical forecast Стаття

The possibilities of automatic generation of forecasts using statistical forecasting package PREDICTOR, described and justified package of intelligent tools, in particular, the means of the integral evaluation, which allows to evaluate and rank the obtained predictions. We present examples of predictions based on real time series.

Automated forecasting Проект

In a market economy, enterprises need to construct predictions of various indicators for the construction plans for its operations (business planning) [1]. Even given the volatile nature of the economy in Ukraine, the relevance of such issues does not weaken [2]: to predict the development of situation, you can build a few predictions for the various scenarios and plan the development of the enterprise for each of them