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Introduction to XBRL as international standard of the organisation of the fiscal reporting in Ukraine Стаття

In article deals with adoption of XBRL as bases of technological support of  IFRS and Basel-2 methodology in credit and financial sphere of Ukraine, also as modern tool of supportof the fiscal reporting and raising of trust of the nation to bank systemis given reason.

National localization of electronic signatures in modern office suites Стаття

An article describes a typical process of signing on the basis of the requirements of the standard model of qualified public key infrastructure. Article deals with comparison of technological capabilities of MS Office 2010 and model of the signature process. Specific recommendations on the national Ukrainian localization of MS Office 2010 are given in article.

Format for the long-term preservation of the electronic documents Стаття

The implementation details of the file formats for the long-term preservation are described. The analysis of the existing file formats and the main reasonable arguments of expediency of the exertion of PDF/A format for archive preservation of the electronic documents are considered. The basic course of activities providing the last stage of the documents lifecycle – archival storage are proposed.

Source electronic documents Проект

The purpose of the project is the adoption of the source electronic documents, created with the usual office software MS Office 2010 and/or Open(Libre) Office in accordance to Ukrainian Laws.The theses "Implementation of  the source electronic documents" detalise the legal competency of the use of the source electronic documents.Ideologically, the use of the source electronic documents allows not only to save the time by eliminating the physical interaction, but also will facilitate the invoicing, billing and other documents audit  automation, that will allow the systems to interact. For example, to pay automatically the invoices of the company A with the cost B and quantity C. 

Building adaptive systems of electronic document Проект

The main problems of introducing electronic document management at the national level. From the standpoint of system analysis examined the reasons for the lack of interoperability of national systems of digital signatures (NSDS). The methods of the minimax (minimum waste and maximum results) to address interoperability in the infrastructure of EDS within Ukraine and from other states. Main tasks:    * Problems of interoperability NSDS    * Sets the signature to for interoperability NSDS    * E-Society: eGovernment, eID, eHealth, eBanking, eCommerce, eInvoicing, eTrading etc.    * Rationale for the exchange of electronic document formats for electronic documents    * Issues archival storage of electronic documents

Source documents implementation Тезисы
Introducing OPENXML as file format for electronic documents exchange Тезисы